Udon noddles soup

  • 15/02/2019
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For 2 people:
– udon noodles (dry)
– shiitake mushrooms (dry)
– vegetables
– suggar
– dashi soup (called assaisonnement pour soupe)
– soy sauce
– cooking wine
– salt
– 2 eggs (big and fresh)

1. cook the udon noodles (in boiling water)
2. cook the vegetables  (in boiling water)
3. while 1. and 2., prepare the soup: boil 1L of water with shiitake mushrooms
4. add 3 teaspoons of dashi soup base
5. add 3 tablespoons of soy sauce
6. add 1 teaspoon of suggar
7. add 1 teaspoon of cooking wine (or an extra tea spoon of suggar)
8. add 1 pinch of salt
– The soup should be cooked until the mushrooms are soft and cooked
9. Make the poached eggs: add the eggs (complete: write + yellow) into the boiling soup, then cover with a lid

Put the noodles into bowls; add the soup, add the vegetables
eat with chopsticks

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Udon noddles soup